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Gallim Dance teaches nationwide, inspiring the next generation of dancers and providing high-caliber dance education and training for all. Gallim’s teaching ethos emphasizes a holistic practice of movement, strength, technique, expression, and repertory, and promotes a healthy dancer philosophy. Gallim teaches at universities, conservatories, and schools, providing quality half-day or full-day workshops as well as week long residencies for a more intensive Gallim experience. The company is available to teach single classes, workshops, residencies, and intensives.
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The class builds a heightened physical awareness of the body and space as well as a chance to develop one’s own expressive movement and musicality.

The class begins with a warm up of directed body explorations through improvisation as well as exercises, emphasizing floor work, the articulation of the torso in relationship to the plumb line, and use of gravity and momentum. The improvisation takes the dancers through a series of physical states that act as a source for movement, such as balls moving inside the body massaging the organs and skin from the inside, or shaking off the skin form our bones, or letting water pass through the entire body as if we were hollow. As we experience these physical states we add plie or tendu, find arches and curves in our spine, go to and out of the floor, a whole new world of information and physicality can be created- breaking old habits, activating new mind-body connections. These explorations give the students time to become knowledgeable about their body’s composition and the range of movement available to them. It is a highly physical warm up that involves the entire body and the mind.

After the improvisation we move across the floor with a few exercises and improvisations that focus on modes of traveling, entering space, playing with momentum, risking, balancing, falling and recovering. The class ends with a final combination. This combination moves in and out of the floor, covering the entire space of the studio. By the end of class the students learn to find softness with the floor, to risk, finding their own expressiveness and most importantly to enjoy moving. The combinations are never set to counts or the frame of the music, encouraging students to find their own phrasing and interpretation of the movement. Music ranges from classical music to Hip Hop.

Andrea Miller’s composition class explores the limitless capacity for inspiration and how inspiration translates into the creation of movement and composition. A collection of composition tools created by Andrea are giving the students a means to explore ones personal movement vocabulary and structural aesthetics. Exercises include, dreaming, word-movement partnering, obstacles, crowd control, points in space, musical phrasing and directed improvisation. In addition to working with the students on their own creative voices the class prepares the students to voice and teach their visions. The class recognizes that a fundamental to choreography is an artists ability to transmit ideas to collaborators, the dancers.

Ballim is a ballet/gallim class. This class is a traditionally structured ballet class with concepts from the Gallim work. The class invites dancers to take the time to explore the anatomy of ballet movement by researching the kinetics and physiognomy of the body between and during exercises at the barre and center. This class is prefferbly given with live accompaniment.

Repertory gives students the opportunity to learn Andrea Miller’s choreography and experience the rehearsal process with Gallim company members. The class focuses on applying the gallim vocabulary and explorations found in the technique class to fixed movement, spacial awareness, musical phrasing and personal expression.