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eight by eight is a duet set for three people performed in a loop three times in three areas of the space. With each repetition of the loop, the roles rotate and a new combination of people take on the characters of the duet, exposing the personal perspective of the performers within the narrative. eight by eight disrupts expectations of performance: beginning and end become irrelevant, any combination of performers might emerge and yet, a love story hopes to surface.



Gallim Dance presented its newest and first site-specific multidisciplinary work eight by eight at the David Rubenstein Atrium in Lincoln Center. In collaboration with cinematographer Jake Saner, composer Jordan Chiolis, and video artist Tal Rosner, Miller turned this striking public space into an intimate choreographic, visual, and sensory multimedia experience.

A resounding success for Gallim and Lincoln Center’s Atrium, both evenings audience members filled the Atrium to capacity and overflowed into a line of hopefuls waiting down Broadway.


Eight By Eight | Trailer from Gallim Dance on Vimeo.



Katie Enna, Executive Director




eight by eight was commissioned by the David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center with additional funding generously provided by The Harkness Foundation for Dance, 2014 Kickstarter donors, and members of Gallim Dance’s Commissioners Circle.


Title: eight by eight

Choreography: Andrea Miller in collaboration with the dancers

Running Time: 75 minutes (no intermission)

Dancers: 9

Premiere: 2014 – Lincoln Center’s David Rubenstein Atrium

Lighting Design: Andrea Miller and Robert McIntyre

Costume Design: Andrea Miller
Set Designer: Neil Creedon

Composer: Jordan Chiolis

Additional Music: The Beach Boys

Cinematographer: Jake Saner

Projectionist: Tal Rosner