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About For Glenn Gould:

For Glenn Gould is inspired by the two radically contrasting recordings that Glenn Gould made of Bach’s Goldberg Variations. The 1964 version has a virtuosic quality, full of embellishments, while the 1981 recording is more introspective and edited, devoid of poetic interpretation, and feels as though Bach himself is absent. Drawing on the distinctions between the two recordings, Miller’s newest work is a portrait of an artist in transition, of what occurred between the two recordings, and an exploration of the creative process.
In Rehearsal
Francesca Romo works on material with Andrea in the early stages of choreographing the piece.

About Gould

Gould Gould was a masterful concert pianist and composer from an extremely early age with a full-fledged international career before age 23. His resistance to giving public concerts was often voiced – “At concerts I feel demeaned, like a vaudevillian” – and in 1964, he permanently retired from concert life. While Gould continued to compose and play, his withdrawal from the public concert circuit added significant mystery to his life and the process of transition that brought him from his first recording of the Goldberg Variations, to the second, more spare version from just before his death. The exercise of “unadorning” ones art is a central theme of the new work.

To find out more about Glenn Gould, visit glenngould.com.

More Inspiration…
Here are a few videos that relate to some sources of inspiration for the piece. Check our blog during the performance week (January 18-22) for more insight into how this inspiration made it (or didn’t make it) into the final work!
From Sentences on Conceptual Art by Sol Lewitt:
“8. When words such as painting and sculpture are used, they connote a whole tradition and imply a consequent acceptance of this tradition, thus placing limitations on the artist who would be reluctant to make art that goes beyond the limitations.”
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For Glenn Gould Support
For Glenn Gould is commissioned by Dance Theater Workshop’s Commissioning and Creative Residency Program with support provided by Jerome Foundation, and donors to The Fund for Continuing Innovation.




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