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Andrea Miller, in her 10th work for Gallim Dance, W H A L E, uses her radical physical language and impulsive narrative pace to juxtapose love, sex and domesticity. This piece trails the human pursuit to love and be loved, and navigates the expectations, anxiety, and forgiveness surrounding this struggle through moments of emotional vulnerability, sensual abandonment, and spiritual tribulation. Both intimate and cinematic, W H A L E invites an exploration of one of life’s most essential themes, guided by Miller’s virtuosic and unpredictable choreography. Collaborators include live sound design by Jordan Chiolis and lighting by Nicole Pearce. W H A L E comes to life in the bodies and souls of the dancers of Gallim Dance.

W H A L E was made possible in part by a technical production residency provided by The Joyce Theater with funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and developed in part through a Creative Development REsidency with support from the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Award Initiative. Andrea Miller was granted a Princess Grace Special Projects award to support the creation of this work. W H A L E was made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature. It was also supported in part by the Harkness Foundation for Dance and the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation.


8x8 square image The David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center chose Gallim Dance to collaborate in their most ambitious commission to date. 2014 Guggenheim Fellow and Choreographer Andrea Miller brought the public space in contact with the gravitational and intimate behavior of two people constrained to an 8 ft. x 8 ft. cube. Miller also collaborated with a video and projection artist to recreate the captured story of these two people inside the cube. The projections and the performers were framed in harmony and conflict with the architecture of the Atrium. Audience members were encouraged to walk around the Atrium and view the dancers from many different perspectives.Running Time: 75 minutes (no intermission) Dancers: 9 Premiere: 2014 | Lincoln Center’s David Rubenstein Atrium Choreography: Andrea Miller in collaboration with the Gallim dancers Lighting Design: Andrea Miller and Robert McIntyre Costume Design: Andrea Miller Set Designer: Neil Creedon Composer: Jordan Chiolis Additional Music: The Beach Boys Cinematography: Jake Saner Projectionist: Tal Rosner MORE INFO
fold-here-tom-caravaglia Gallim Dance partnered with lead commissioner Montclair State University Peak Performances Series and co-commissioner Dancers Workshop Jackson Hole on the creation and premiere of Andrea Miller’s new work, Fold Here. In collaboration with Israeli video artist Tal Rosner, and American lighting designer Robert Wierzel, Fold Here unfolds in an implausible universe filled with empty cardboard boxes as the basic units of all existing matter. In pursuit of the boxes’ elusive essence, the performers explore the physical, sensorial and spiritual properties of human beings—as parallel contents and containers of existence. Miller’s Fold Here was initially inspired by Raymond Carver’s short story Cathedral, in which a sighted man’s hand is guided by a blind man’s heart in drawing a cathedral.Watch the Fold Here trailer here.
Running Time: Approx. 60 min. Dancers: Premiere: Sept. 26-29, 2013 | Montclair University Choreography: Andrea Miller in collaboration with the Gallim dancers Lighting Design: Robert Wierzel Film and Graphics: Tal Rosner
IMG_4720 SIT, KNEEL, STAND premiered at the Joyce Theater on June 2012. Inspired by the myth of Sisyphus and set to an original music composition by Jerome Begin and Christopher Lancaster, SIT, KNEEL, STAND is an evening-length work that explores the mix of absurdity and joy in the restless efforts of our shared human experience.
Running Time: 60 minutes Dancers: 7 Premiere: June 8-10, 2012 Choreography: Andrea Miller in collaboration with Mario Bermudez Gil, Caroline Fermin, Troy Ogilvie, Francesca Romo, Dan Walczak, Jonathan Windham, Arika Yamada Lighting Design: Ashley Vellano and Vincent Vigilante Music: Original Composition by Jerome Begin and Christopher Lancaster
IMG_4720 For Glenn Gould is inspired by two radically contrasting recordings that Glenn Gould made of Bach’s Goldberg Variations. The 1964 recording is virtuosic and full of embellishments, while the 1981 recording is more introspective, edited, devoid of poetic interpretation, and feels as though Bach himself is absent. Drawing on the distinctions between the two recordings, Miller’s work is a portrait of an artist in transition and an exploration of the contrasting creative processes. Learn more about the piece on the For Glenn Gould page!Watch the For Glenn Gould trailer here.
Running Time: 30 minutes Dancers: 6 Premiere: 2011 Choreography: Andrea Miller Lighting Design: Vincent Vigilante Costume Design: Jose Solis Music: Strauss, Black Dice, Alva Noto, Bach
Gallim Dance in "Wonderland" at The Joyce Theater, photo by Hilary Johnson Wonderland investigates pack mentality as an inherent and potentially dangerous element of human instinct. The work was initially inspired by Chinese-born artist Cai Guo-Qiang’s installation Head On, which depicts 99 wolves charging into a glass wall. Four archetypal characters evolve in a universe influenced by the imagery of the American atomic age. Behind the smiles of an Esther Williams dream world, Wonderland reveals psychological and physical episodes of a herd acting as a unit through the uncoordinated behavior of self-serving individuals. Although pack mentality is a natural and ongoing strategy in the animal kingdom, among humans it can indicate a vicious, desensitized brutality and disregard for humanity – a concept that is at the core of Wonderland. Learn more about the piece on the Wonderland page!Watch the Wonderland trailer here.
Running Time: 60 minutes
, no intermission Dancers: 8 Premiere: 2010, The Joyce Theater (Reworked in 2011) Choreography: Andrea Miller Lighting Design: Vincent Vigilante Original Costume Design: Jose Solis Updated Costume and Set Design: Jon Bausor Sound Designers: Jakub Kiupinski & Cristina Spinei of Blind Ear Music Music: Orchestra Barzizza, Chopin, Black Dice, Tim Hecker, Michel Bokanowski, Joanna Newsom, Sebastien Agneessens and Kyle Fische Remix courtesy of the Alan Lomax Foundation
beyond_the_machine_01 Weaving together the worlds of computer programming and music technology, along with the element of decision making by the performers, Synched connects dancers and musicians with wireless technology as they interpret, deconstruct, manipulate, and reinvent the music of Chopin. On-site composer Jakub Ciupinski uses looped, short musical phrases inspired by works from Chopin.
Running Time: 15 minutes Dancers: 2 Premiere: 2010 Choreography: Andrea Miller Costume Design: Andrea Miller Music: Jakub Ciupinski
jp_day3_run_024 Andrea Miller’s Blush expands the sudden moment of blushing into a sixty-minute flood. Dense with emotional rawness and physical exertion, this intimate work chases one of the most elusive human expressions – the blush – through the stress and raptures as it melts to the edges of the skin. Set in a boxing ring-like arena, Blush unravels to the music of Mannyfingers, Andrej Przybytkowski, Chopin, Kap Bambino, Arvo Part and Wolf Parade. Since its 2009 premiere, Blush has toured nationally and internationally to the highest critical acclaim, and received the 2011 National Dance Project Touring Award.View the BLUSH trailer here.
Running Time: 60 minutes, no intermission Dancers: 6 Premiere: 2009
, Joyce SoHo. Redeveloped: 2009, Jacob’s Pillow. Choreography: Andrea Miller Lighting Design: Vincent Vigilante Costume Design: Jose Solis Music: Mannyfingers, Andrej Przybytkowski, Chopin, Kap Bambino, Arvo Part, Wolf Parade
IMG_5803 I Can See Myself in Your Pupil is an exhilarating suite of dances set to a highly contagious score of music from Israel, Mexico, Australia, Italy, and Denmark. With a cast of seven dancers wearing a rotation of colorful costumes, Pupil follows the development of two cells through the organization and chaos of evolution. Based in wildly quirky and demanding movement, vignettes shift through the possibility of intimacy, the formation of humor, the danger of fear, the madness of imagination, and the joy of movement.
Running Time: 60 minutes with a 10 minute pause (can be arranged for various durations from 15-60 minutes) Dancers: 7-8 Premiere: 2008, Joyce SoHo Choreography: Andrea Miller Lighting Design: Vincent Vigilante Costume Design: Andrea Miller, Idan Yoav
, Arika Yamada Music: Pimmon, Alva Noto, Chopin, Jordi Savall, Beirut, Arvo Part, Balkan Beat Box, Bellini
pupil-suite Pupil Suite is an exhilarating selection of wildly quirky excerpts from Miller’s crowd-pleasing work I Can See Myself In Your Pupil. Performed to the contagious music of Israeli band Balkan Beat Box, the dance is a joyous romp that plays with the madness of imagination and the ecstasy of movement.Watch the Pupil Suite trailer here.
Running Time: 8-25 minutes Dancers: 6-8 Premiere: Fall for Dance 2010 Choreography: Andrea Miller Lighting Design: Vincent Vigilante Costume Design: Andrea Miller, Idan Yoav
, Arika Yamada Music: Balkan Beat Box, Bellini
mama-call Mama Call has its roots in Andrea Miller’s Sephardic-American heritage. The work explores ideas of displacement and alienation as it affected Spanish Jews during the centuries surrounding the Inquisition. Miller adapts the Sephardic story into a contemporary and more universal tale of border-crossing. Mama Call investigates the idea of how those who have been displaced rescue the idea of “home.”
Running Time: 30 minutes (can be arranged for durations of 15-45 minutes) Dancers: 8 Premiere: 2011, The JCC in Manhattan Choreography: Andrea Miller Lighting Design: Ashley Vellano Music: A Hawk and a Hacksaw, Beirut, Arvo Part, Tony Gatlif, Agrupacion Musical Cristus Vincit
gallim_dance_franziska_strauss_07 Dust is a duet for two men that confronts loss and the vain attempt to thwart mortality. Excerpted from Blush. 
Running Time: 12 minutes Dancers: 2 Premiere: 2009 Choreography: Andrea Miller Costume Design: Jose Solis Lighting Design: Vincent Vigilante Music: Arvo Part
snow_rep Snow captures a woman’s capacity to be simultaneously fearless and to be broken, to shift between heroism and hopelessness. The dance is partially inspired by Orhan Pamuk’s novel, Snow.
Running Time: 10 minutes Dancers: 4 Premiere: 2007 Choreography: Andrea Miller Costume Design: Andrea Miller Music: Tony Gatlif